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Looking for info

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  • Looking for info


    We have decided to try a donor egg in our attempts to become pregnant and will be travelling from the UK to Madrid IVI.

    Anyone know what the procedures are? I've got so many questions and don't know where to start looking for the answers.

    Do we just make one journey for the fertilisation and implantation process or do we need to go a few times to prepare etc?

    How long will we be in Madrid for?

    How long does it take to get my body ready to receive the fertilsed embryo?

    How do you decide whether to have one or two embryo's put back? If you go for one and it doesn't take can they "freeze" any others that may have fertilised to use in the future? If so how long do they keep them for?

    Just beginning my journey and quest for answers!

    Thanks for any help

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    Looking for info

    Hi kiki:

    The first thing to do is contact IVI Madrid and make all such inquiries. The best thing would make an appointment and go at least once before ovodonation.

    I enclose the link that has the IVI on ovodonation:
    http://www.ivi.es/tratamientos/donacion-de-ovocitos_20.aspx (translated into English by putting in google you will understand perfectly)

    We also put another link in which he explains with a bit more detail the steps to follow: http://www.advancedfertility.com/eggdonor.htm

    I hope this information serve you.
    A greeting.


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      Looking for info

      Hope I can help,
      I also had egg donation in IVI Madrid and live in London.
      I only went there for the first visit with all my tests as requested by email and explained by phone. Doctor in Madrid explained all the process, I bought the drugs and payed. Then, they told me when to have scan to measure the endometrium, I did that in London and call them with the results, that day they told me when the transfer would be so I traveled that day.
      good luck


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        Looking for info

        Hi, I am also beginning this long bumby journey. I have contacted IVI Alicante, but have been told I need so many tests before I can go. These tests are going to cost nearly £2000 before I even begin. Can anyone help me. Do different clinics ask for different tests? I have been to my GP and they are not very forthcoming with help. Everytime I feel postitive something else comes to knock me back. I feel so alone in all this.


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          Looking for info

          Hi Craftynix

          Wow 2000 for tests that does seem a lot, not sure if each clinic has its own requirements but that seems pretty steep,,,,

          what tests do they want you to have?

          wishing you all the very best


          Chelly x


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            Looking for info

            Hi, I am a 40 year old single woman who is in the process to become a mum. I live in Madrid so that makes things a bit easier but please, do not feel lonely. Take a step at a time, collect as much information as you can and visit this foro every now and then. I am sure you´ll find other women with the same concerns willing to share their experiences. From Madrid I send you a warm hug and wish you all the best.


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              Looking for info

              Craftynix, I have just payed a bit more than 300 for my first tests. Maybe coming over here and doing those tests in a clinic may be a cheaper option, then you can get the results being sent over by post. Just an idea.