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    Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever looked at or had PGS screening done in combination with IVF?
    We have gone through 4 miscarriages in the last 2 years and have managed to get cytogenetic testing done following the last 2 miscarriages - the results of both of these have shown chromosomal problems (aneuploidy).
    Given my age (40) and the embryo chromosome problems, my UK consultant has talked to me about getting genetic screening done on the embryos prior to implantation to increase our chances of a viable pregnancy ... has anyone else had experience with PGS, and Was it successful? I was hoping to find out more people who have been through the treatment: 01:

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    Hello Lulu
    We have gone through 4 miscarriages as well and we are going to have a PGS treatment very soon. In the DGP forum there are a lot of people going through it and many of them are successful. Do you speak (or read) spanish? It is very good to find people in the same situation, it is helping me a lot...


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      Hello Fighter
      Thank you for your reply, it's great to hear from someone who is going through similar experiences. Good luck for your PGS treatment, I hope it all goes well for you Which clinic are you going to? We are looking at IVI Alicante.
      My Spanish is very limited, but with the help of Google translate I'm trying to piece together the DGP forum entries as you suggested and getting quite a lot of information there. It helps to know many people have eventually been successful


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        Thank you for the good wishes!
        I am at IVI Madrid and we are happy so far. Please let me know if I can help you with anything. If you want to participate in the dgp for un using google translator, I am sure everyone will be happy to help. Everybody is really nice there! Good luck to you too!


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          Hi everyone,
          We had IVF with PGS. Im 41 years old and had 6 miscarriages before (5-6 weeks), I am 9 weeks pregnant at the moment. From the 6 eggs that got fertilized only one was genetically good, so that was the reason for my many miscarriages. I just had an ultrasound and everything is looking good, and I can feel this is different from the others as I don't have any premenstrual pain and it is the first time I have nausea, and other typical pregnancy symptoms. I would recommend it for sure. Sorry about my English, I am actually living in the UK but my first language is Spanish.
          Best luck for all of you.


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            Hi there!

            First of all, congrats to Rosi16!!! Great news. I hope everything will go well.

            I am attending to IVI Madrid, but I live in USA. I am spanish (it is my native lenguage) therefore if anybody needs anything, just let me know.

            I haven't done any PGS for my invitros, because I haven't had any miscarriages so far. I guess if they happen, IVI will suggest to me as well. If this happens I will keep you posted.

            I wish you all the best!


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              Thank you Nomadic! I just had an ultrasound (Im 13 weeks) and everything looks fine
              I wish you all the best!