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Anyone from the USA?

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    Anyone from the USA?

    Hello and good day

    My wife and I are traveling to Spain for pleasure and were
    interested in IVI for Artificial Insemination for her while we were there.

    Why Spain and not USA?

    Well, although in the USA we have an abundance of banks and sperm
    donors who are extensively tested and the health of the sperm is regulated as
    well as the legality of the sperm donor not having any rights to the baby once
    they donate, there are basically no actually adhered laws as to the amount of
    children a donor can sire.

    The outcome is documented cases where donors have children out
    there of over 50, some over 100. Sometimes they are even in the same cities.
    This scares me of course.

    In doing research, we found that Spain has much stricter laws in
    regards to sperm donors and read the max is 6 children per donor. Of course we
    are having difficulty verifying this and are in the process of getting more

    Now, of course the health of the child is the most important and
    then of course to make sure the legality lines up and we are also in the
    process with IVI to get these answers but, assuming all is well – I have a few
    questions :

    anyone know the laws in spain regarding sperm donor offspring?

    anyone from the USA?

    of the sperm from IVI?

    long is the process?

    Thank you SO much in advance!

    Anyone from the USA?

    I apologize for the repeat posts - the system kept sending me failed message when I hit post.


      Anyone from the USA?

      Hello Letimaru!

      First of all, excuse my english, I am spanish, and I don't speak english very well.

      In Spain we have a special law for all the questions of assisted reproduction:

      That link is in spanish, but the question that you have asked for is in the 5 article of the law:

      "Article 5 Donors and grant contracts

      1. Donation of gametes and pre-embryos for the purposes authorized by this Act is a free, confidential formal contract between the donor and the authorized center.

      February. Donation only be revoked if the donor It is specified for donated gametes themselves, provided that on the date of the repeal those available. A revocation shall be refunded by the donor of all expenses incurred in receiving plant type.

      March. Donation will never profit or commercial nature. The compensation for damages that can only be set strictly compensate for physical inconvenience and expense of travel and labor that may result from the donation and will not incur economic incentive for this.

      Any advertising or promotional activity by approved centers to encourage the donation of human cells and tissues must respect the altruistic nature of it, and can not under any circumstances encourage donations by offering compensation or economic benefits.

      The Ministry of Health, the report of the National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction, set the basic conditions periodically to ensure respect for the free nature of the donation.

      4. The written contract will be signed between the donors and the approved center. Before the execution, the donor must be informed of the purposes and consequences of the act. The information and consent should be made in appropriate formats, following the rules set by the principle of design for all, so that they are accessible and understandable to people with disabilities.

      Number 4 of Article 5 written by section one of Article 8 of Law 26/2011 of 1 August, for regulation at the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ("BOE" August 2) Effective adaptation.: August 3, 2011
      May. Donation will be anonymous and confidential identity data by donor gamete banks should be ensured and, where appropriate, by donor registries and activity centers to be established.

      Children born are entitled by himself or by his legal representatives to obtain general information from donors that do not include your identity. The same right applies to recipients of gametes and pre-embryos.

      Only exceptionally, in extraordinary circumstances behave a certain danger to the life or health of the child, or where appropriate under the criminal procedural laws with, may reveal the identity of the donor, provided that such disclosure is necessary to avoid danger or to get legal end proposed. Such disclosure restricted nature and will not imply any publicity of the identity of donors.

      6. Donors must be over 18, good physical health and full capacity to act. Your psychophysical state must meet the requirements of a mandatory study protocol donors including phenotypic and psychological characteristics and the clinical conditions and laboratory tests necessary to demonstrate, according to the state of knowledge of science and the existing technical at the time of its completion, that donors do not suffer from genetic, hereditary or communicable infectious diseases to offspring. The same conditions will apply to the donor samples from other countries; in this case, those responsible for the corresponding referrer center must demonstrate compliance with all conditions and testing the determination can not be practiced in the samples sent to his desk. In any case, approved centers may refuse the donation when the donor psychophysical conditions are not right.

      7. The maximum number of children born in Spain that had been generated from the same donor gametes should not exceed six. For the purpose of effective maintenance of that limit, the donor shall declare at each donation if others have done prior, and the conditions thereof, and indicate when and where the center would have made ​​such donations.

      It is the responsibility of each center or service using donor gametes irrefutably prove the identity of the donor and, where appropriate, the consequences of previous donations he made ​​regarding the generation of children born previously. If it accredits that their number exceeded the limit, proceed to the destruction of the samples from that donor.

      From the entry into operation of the National Donor Registry referred to in Article 21, the verification of such data may be made by consulting the relevant register.

      8. The provisions of this Article shall apply to cases of donation of gametes remaining unused reproduction own reproductive partners of people outside it."

      I have put the translation with google, the idea is that every sperm donors only can be donnors until It get six children with his donations.

      IVI has one of the most qualificated laboratories in the world, I have had several fertility treatments in other clinics and it were terribles and we can't get any embryo quality, but with IVI we got it!

      The treatment duration is different for every woman, but normally, two week average.

      Much encouragement to get your wish![IMG]smileys/smiley20.gif[/IMG]