Watch out the risks. BAD experience with IVI. - IVI: Foro de Infertilidad y Reproducción Asistida


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Watch out the risks. BAD experience with IVI.

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  • Watch out the risks. BAD experience with IVI.

    Hello. Look for a second opinion if you are thinking about undergoing a fertility treatment in IVI. I have a very bad experience about them. They caused me an ectopic pregnancy (by IVF) and they even never detected it. After two months I went to the emergency room of a public hospital and, thanks to the emergency team that took care of me, I'm alive, because my fallopian tube broke and the internal bleeding cause me shocking. I have a c section scar, no baby, no savings and even no apology from IVI.
    Be careful. Look for other options. They only care about your money. Your health, your life even, is not important for them.

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    Hello M4r1m3n; I am so sorry for what it happened to you...
    I have suffered 3 ectopic pregnancys, and I only wanted to tell you that the c section scar is only in your skin and muscle but not in your uterus! It is a doubt I had, and it is important to know!


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      Thanks for the opinions!

      I will take them into consideration!!

      And good luck!