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Bad experience with IVI Barcelona

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  • Bad experience with IVI Barcelona

    Hi - I have been in the fertility journey for a few years but egg donation is a relatively new thing for me. I started my story with IVI Barcelona almost a year ago, did the 1st transfer in March this year and that failed (was so depressing). We have 1 more egg to use and will probably go for the 2nd attempt (hopefully the last) despite the many upsetting, disappointing, concerning incidents that happened to us with this clinic. And the only reason we will try again with them is that there is an egg and we've already paid so much for the 1st attempt that giving up now seems unreasonable.

    But when I started my search, I arrived to forums like this, not knowing anything but a few names one Dr mentioned to me. Everyone thinks that IVI is so great, and sure, some women get pregnant and that's great. I had some expectations from a private clinic with such a big name, not many expectations, but I wanted to be treated like a human being, rather than a number or just another case. I wanted to get answers to my questions. I wanted correct and transparent information when it comes to the process and to cost. All of that has been one big nightmare with the Barcelona clinic.

    I don't want to make this post too long though I have so many examples and things to say, but I wanted to write mainly for those of you who are beginning their journey now, and like me a year ago, trying to decide where to go. Had I known everything I do now, I'd never go to Barcelona. Maybe the other IVI clinics are better, maybe it was just my Dr, I can't say. I do know that having a Dr who's not fluent in English and REFUSES to speak English whenever we had a phone call is a problem. Receiving conflicting information about pricing and treatment plans or processes is very stressful and unprofessional. Causing me a lot of stress on the very day of the transfer due to random demands to do breast scans (on the day of the transfer!) may have impacted the success of my first attempt.

    So... I want to remain positive towards a 2nd attempt but it's been a long time since I meant to share this and I think it's important that other women will know too. my experience could happen to many others but it should not. I'm going to make sure that very senior people in IVI know about my story, so you should too. Do ask if you have any questions, I'm happy to provide more information.
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    Best of luck


    I´m very sorry to hear that your experience has been bad. Treating someone the same way you would like to be treated is a must when you´re dealing with people. I don´t understand why they have such a lack of empathy knowing they´re handling people with emotions on edge that have decided to trust them with very often, limited resources which makes everything even harder.

    I really appreciate your input and would like to wish you much luck with your second attempt. Take it as easy as possible, your body and mind need to be very happy to welcome your special baby.

    Big hug from Madrid


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      Dear fertilitygirl, we are very sorry to read you had a bad experience at one of our clinics. One of our main goals is providing excellent patient care and for that purpose we try to make our patients not only feel like home, but also be reassured that they are being treated by the best specialists in the Reproductive Medicine field.

      We take this mission very seriously and that is why we offer our international patients personalized treatments in their own language, provided by our bilingual doctors and personal medical assistants. It seems you had a different experience, which is why we would like to contact you to be able to investigate what happened and of course avoid this type of situations in the future, since we are 100% committed to our patients.

      We wish you the best of luck in your second attempt with us.