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Anyone from the USA?

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    Anyone from the USA?

    [1]Hello and good day

    My wife and I are traveling to Spain for pleasure and were
    interested in IVI for Artificial Insemination for her while we were there.

    Why Spain and not USA?

    Well, although in the USA we have an abundance of banks and sperm
    donors who are extensively tested and the health of the sperm is regulated as
    well as the legality of the sperm donor not having any rights to the baby once
    they donate, there are basically no actually adhered laws as to the amount of
    children a donor can sire.

    The outcome is documented cases where donors have children out
    there of over 50, some over 100. Sometimes they are even in the same cities.
    This scares me of course.

    In doing research, we found that Spain has much stricter laws in
    regards to sperm donors and read the max is 6 children per donor. Of course we
    are having difficulty verifying this and are in the process of getting more

    Now, of course the health of the child is the most important and
    then of course to make sure the legality lines up and we are also in the
    process with IVI to get these answers but, assuming all is well – I have a few
    questions :

    anyone know the laws in spain regarding sperm donor offspring?

    anyone from the USA?

    of the sperm from IVI?

    long is the process?

    Thank you SO much in advance!

    Anyone from the USA?

    I am so sorry the site kept telling me that it could not post my topic and would delete my post. I apologize for the repeated posts.